Liva Park Ville & Glamp

- Wirtualny Opiekun Foksi -

Foksia came to live with us at the end of July 2017 when she was about 3 months old. She had been hit by a car, had lost her mother   and had been taken to the veterinary clinic in  a serious condition. She had gone through an  entire treatment process there.  Unfortunately, she had permanently lost her eyesight and could not be released. The staff at the veterinary clinic approached us and, as we had adopted the visually impaired Stefanek just a month earlier, we thought it would be easier for them to be together.


For a very long time, Foksia wouldn’t accept her disability, and it took a lot of time and patience for her to place her trust in the
place with ‘invisible’ foxes, the dogs’  wonderful carer Kama, and the other  caretakers. Eventually, she came to live with silver fox Laura, who had overcome most of the fears in shy Foksia and taught her how to play and goof around.


Today, Foksia runs, teases, plays with Laura and hooks up with handsome Filip and with Jaś, and no one could tell she can’t see. She really dislikes people visiting the Asylum  because she is still terrified of the unknown. And she can’t always count on the support of her foxy friend.

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