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Foxes raised on a farm or in a house with human interaction lack the ability to survive independently, especially polar and silver foxes, which are not naturally found in Poland. They will actively seek out buildings, preying on chickens and ducks or rummaging through garbage bins. Such animals are chased away and attacked or end their lives under the wheels of cars.
We rely exclusively on contributions from individuals, which encompass the 1.5% tax (www.pitax.pl/rozliczenie-pit-online-0000135274/?cel=Lisi%20Azyl). We do not receive any support from the state budget.
Please keep this in mind. The Fox Asylum exists thanks to you!
Above all, we rely on financial support. We keep you informed about our ongoing fundraising initiatives through our social media profiles and the “How to support us” section.
Foxes are the kind of animals that make it extremely difficult to provide them with suitable living conditions. Don’t forget that foxes are inherently wild and undomesticated animals. The design of the Fox Asylum aims to provide its residents with a genuine home, where
they find joy and have no need to seek other homes.
Unfortunately, the Fox Asylum is not open to the public. Please keep in mind that the inhabitants are wild animals, and they naturally avoid contact with humans. If you do care about the well-being of our animals, you will certainly understand this 🙂
Aside from the fox caretaker, only a few people are granted access into the Asylum throughout the year: the veterinarian, a Korabiewice Shelter employee, and an equipment maintenance worker.
The answer is quite straightforward: nowhere. All the fox farms that promote their animals are connected to farms engaged in breeding and slaughtering animals for fur. Misleading ads may falsely portray the foxes as being bottle-reared and displaying a fondness for humans.
However, we strongly promote the adoption of dogs from shelters. Each dog possesses a strong innate need, cultivated over generations, to have a guardian, and even in the best shelter, they won’t find true happiness.

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