2023 Charity Calendar

Fox Asylum

All Year Round!

As the Fox Asylum  residents cannot be  adopted and taken  home directly, we  strongly encourage you  to explore the option of  virtual adoption.
But for  those who wish to enjoy  the company of foxes  from the comfort of their homes, we have an  exciting surprise in store!
You now have the  opportunity to support  our residents and spend time with the residents  of the Fox Asylum all  year long by purchasing the 2023 Charity Calendar.
The calendar  showcases 13  photographs by Mikołaj
Jastrzębski and Human  Cruelties. All proceeds  from the sale of the  calendar will contribute towards the well-being  of the foxes and  raccoons at the Asylum.
24×34 cm, spiral binding, 170g  chalkboard paper, 14  pages.


can I buy it?

It’s as easy as child’s play.
Just visit our shop,  register there, and show  your support for our  Asylum by purchasing a  Calendar, immersing  yourself in the daily joy  of all its residents.

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