The Fox Asylum’s mission is to educate people about the well-being of animals. Through our Facebook and Instagram platforms, we reveal the experiences of foxes living in captivity, highlight the problems that arise from it, and increase awareness about how we can all end the suffering of these animals in breeding. In no way do we intend to promote the fashion trend of owning a fox, as foxes cannot be brought home and cared for like dogs or cats. Foxes are, first and foremost, wild animals, and they must be provided with  conditions that minimize restrictions on their  ability to fulfil their  natural needs, while  simultaneously ensuring their safety.



We are located on the premises of the  Korabiewice Animal  Shelter. In our care, we  have foxes and raccoons  rescued on an  intervention basis from  fur farms, along with  foxes that have escaped  during the slaughter  period when animals are  being removed from their cages. We also care for foxes that are unable to be released back into the wild due to health  reasons and require  long-term human  assistance.
The Fox Asylum is under the care of Monika, who  dedicates her entire time to the animals entrusted  to her. You can stay  updated on the daily  activities of the Fox  Asylum residents by  following their social media profiles:

Fundacja Międzynarodowy Ruch na Rzecz Zwierząt - Viva! Oddział w Korabiewicach

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