Fluffy is a polar fox who was recovered by intervention from a fur farm. Born around 2009, she is the oldest resident at the Asylum.


Fluffy came to the Shelter in September 2015 following an intervention by Viva activists. At first very withdrawn and scared, she wouldn’t seek any human contact. Although a human hand might appear to her as the worst  monster, she was passive and wouldn’t defend herself when something had to be done to her. The saddest, most resigned creature who would only expect evil and hope for nothing else. Her process of socialisation and opening up to a new and better life has received the biggest support from vixen Oleńka. With her, Fluffy has learnt how to find joy, relish snacks, and wait for the caretaker as someone who can be quite useful and do nice things.


Over the years, her character has changed a lot. A sad and bashful creature has turned into one of the friendliest foxes around. In fact, she gets on well not only with the foxes but with some of the dogs too. In the Asylum she has made great friends with Filip, but Czaruś was definitely her greatest friend –for her, he was the most important. Sadly, Czaruś has  crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, which  caused Fluffy big grief.

For many years, Fluffy also acted as a guide befriending the new residents to the Fox Asylum. Now, Señora Fluffy has retired and Filip has taken over this important role.

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