Tosia is a white polar fox and… an escapee from a fur farm.

In the spring of 2019, she was brought to the Asylum by the You Have a Nose for It Foundation that had received a report that a puppy of a… collie sheepdog was running  around near a busy road. On arrival, we had found it was a haggard fox baby and that’s how Tosia found a new home with us.

Tosia was horribly infested. She had huge problems with her entire digestive system for days she would be excreting plastic bags and other rubbish. It took us long months to bring her condition under control, get her on the right diet and stabilise her bowels. It turned out that this little 34monthold puppy is a real fighter! While Tosia has quite a tough character, she is one of the most  cheerful and boisterous foxes. Brave, very  nosy, she loves teasing the other foxes and  parading in front of their cages with treats or a toy. Unfortunately, she lacks a good sense of humour and doesn’t know how to play with the others. She thinks she is the only one who can tease, but there is no option for anyone to answer in kind. For this reason, she won’t run around with the other foxes, only by herself. But this doesn’t bother her in the slightest, because Tosia has the best fun in the world at her own games and it suits her very well that everyone is then looking at and envying her.


It is one of the few foxes that enjoys contact with her caretaker and asks to be petted.

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