She came to live with us in April 2018 as a 2yearold or so runaway from a fur farm.


She immediately showed her strong character. When she doesn’t like someone, she doesn’t like them 100%.


But when she does, she will like them even if they don’t reciprocate the feeling.


She took her first liking to Filip, who likes all the foxes except her and he has so,  consistently for 5 years. In contrast, her biggest ‘enemies’ have been Anielka and  Kajtek (no change there either).


Laura loves red foxes. She immediately felt a strong maternal instinct towards the then 3monthold Jaś, whom she has been babysitting to this day despite being much smaller than him. She is friends with redhaired blind Foksa and is very supportive when the situation calls for it. Laura is loyal and has a big imagination (she comes up with the most interesting ideas). She is clever and, like all foxes, curious about everything.

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