She was born in 2015. As a toddler, Anielka fell out of her cage, and the farmers handfed her. Later on, she enjoyed special attention of her keeper. Though she might not have experienced what the other foxes had, she  certainly had seen and heard a lot. Hence  Anielka’s attitude: I will fight to the death.

Anielka is an extremely intelligent vixen. She  has a great need to own something ‘forever’, perhaps because she had her children taken away from her. She has teddy bears that she babysits, carries in her muzzle, sleeps with, and is very careful not to lose. A big mischief maker, Anielka enjoys petting, but only when she fancies it herself. She allows no  movements that might endanger her, like when being held for a jab.

Her biggest ‘enemies’ in the Asylum are Laura and Jagoda. All of them are silver foxes and all are ‘righteous’ characters in their own right. Anielka likes Józio in a way, is sometimes friends with Jaruś, and with Filip only occasionally.


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