Adaś is the child of an escapee from a fur farm that came into the care of The Wild Refuge. He was a small and weaker child than his siblings. It was not possible to sufficiently prepare him for an independent life, so he  came to live with us. Adaś arrived in August  2019 as an underayearold puppy and took quite a long time to acclimatise.


Adaś is very cautious, distrustful of strangers, but also very interested in what is going on around him. He peeps ateverything from a hiding place, but when there is some repair or  construction work going on at the Asylum, Adaś will come out of his hiding place and watch the ladders, concrete mixers or the tractor in awe. In the summer, he loves  splashing around in a little pool and fish out the ‘worms’ that are still moving.

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